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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So what happens when you don't do your service and maintenance on a trailer?
Have a look!

A complete service includes a complete inspection of the unit to avoid problems like this.
Thumping tires and adding some air is not a complete service.
Deer Valley Diesel's complete trailer service includes;
  Inspection of all Tires, Wheels, and Checking Pressures.
  Inspection and Lube of the Trailer Chassis.
  Inspection of Gear Oil and hubs.
  Inspection of All Air Lines.
●  Inspection of All Lights.
  Complete Frame Inspection.
        Including Bushings, Leaf Springs, Air Bags, and Frame Rails.
  Inspection of All Brakes.
        Includes Drums, Shoes, Hardware, and ABS system.

Mystery #1. Where are the tires and rims?
Our best guess. Somewhere in southern Arizona, maybe New Mexico, the driver had no clue.

Mystery #2. This is the big one.
How did these wheels come off without tearing up the ends of the threads?
Please feel free to post your answer here if you wish.

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