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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Service Your Vehicle On Time

This fuel filter is a very graphic example of why you should service your vehicle on time.
As you can see it has been restricted for some time causing it to collapse.
This kind of neglect can completely damage a fuel system.
The truck this particular filter came out of had to have the following replaced; 
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Transfer/Base Pressure Pump
  •  Fuel Pressure Regulator

It could have been much worse.

Compare a new filter to the abused one.
Note the concaveness of the filter, the fuel system was literally starving.

Your Fuel System Includes and Generally Cost Approx.;
  • High Pressure Pump ~ $2000. - $3500
  • Base Pressure Pump ~  $200. - $500.
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator ~ $180. - $300.
  • Fuel Injectors ~  $2000. - $6000.
  • Check Valves ~  $20. - $50.
  • Fuel Lines ~  $100. - $1500.

These components are expensive parts that your fuel system needs to function.
Those prices are just the cost of the parts, they Do Not Reflect any Labor Costs yet.
This filter came out of a tow truck, a service for it cost's approx. $300.
Had this owner maintained his truck with his scheduled services, can you imagine how much this fella could have saved? You do the math.
Avoid expensive repairs.
Don't put off servicing your vehicles when they are scheduled.